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plugin seems to crash with yep_coreengine and srd_optionscreator

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I also experienced latency issues when using this plugin. Great idea though! Thanks for helping developers!


Hello Chaucer!

Wanted to share a possible issue I'm having with this plugin, and check if there's an easy solution.

So, this plugin seems to affecting performance of my game, even when the effect is off. (The plugin is turned ON, but the effect is off. And it still is affecting performance.)

I have this one BIG map in my game. With lots of effects and events. And this is it's performance, when Chau_Fog.js is disabled (i.e, turned OFF in the plugin manager.)

When I turn the plugin ON in the plugin manager, but do not apply the fog effect. I see a significant drop in performance on this map.

And then, when I apply the fog effect on the map. The performance is slightly... better and more stable. XD 

So I was wondering if there's something in the plugin itself, that's causing some sort of performance cost/drop even when the effect is off. :O 

(Note: This plugin is amazing! And this issue could be just mine. Since I'm using literally a 100 other plugins. This plugin does not give me any performance issue on all the other, smaller maps. But on this one big map that I have, there seems to be a performance drop, even when I have not applied the effect on this map.)


This plugin will be one of the next plugin I update, I will definitely address the performance issue! also it looks like you may have a outdated graphics driver :x the clipped segments of the fogs usually happen from an outdated graphics driver. Just letting you know.

Also thanks for the kind words :) I hope this plugin has been useful.~ Expect an update for this plugin soon.~

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That's awesome to hear. Thank you Chaucer!

And I'll be sure to update my graphics driver. The clipping never bothered me since I'm mostly using a very light fog, which makes it hard to notice.

  ● Version : 1.1.0
  ● Date : 01/31/2020
    ✩ Fixed "Cannot read property '_fogBarrier' of undefined Line:559:38".
    ★ Add fog layer options( via plugin manager ).

Hey, thanks for the plugin :)

Got a question, would it be possible to change the layers with plugin commands or script calls?

I have the problem that I have to show the fog "above" the pictures because of a scene, but my "additional menu" is also based on pictures. So the fog is now over the menu :(

Looking forward to an answer :)

Absolutely I can add this :)

I would be very happy about that, thank you :D