A downloadable Dice & Dungeons for Windows and macOS

The world is being threatened by a demon lord that has been mysteriously revived. The demon lord, who is slowly regaining his strength, is corrupting the mana flow of the forest, the stronger he becomes, the further the contamination spreads! In an attempt to save her forest, and the world, Kuruk Forest's guardian fairy Elu, uses the 
last of her mana to summon a hero from another dimension, you are that hero! Help Elu defeat the demon lord
and his minions, and restore the natural flow of mana to the world!

Dice and Dungeons is a rpg/board game hybrid idea that I've been tinkering with in my spare time, 
at it's core, it's a simple concept, think mario party + rpg + hero collector. As you progress 
through the game, you'll gain mana fragments, mana shards, and mana orbs, which you can 
use to summon new heroes! Inside of dungeons, the you will take turns rolling a dice to 
determine how far ahead you move, land on the right tiles to build up your mp to defeat all 
the enemies on each floor!

Install instructions

  • Download Files.
  • Extract zip folder.
  • Run File.~


Dice & Dungeons Windows 122 MB
Dice & Dungeon mac.zip 256 MB

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