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Freesia Animated Faces is a powerful tool which allows you to add animated faces to your RPG Maker MZ Games, this plugin allows you to add a "Talk" animation for when messages are being typed out, as well as an "Idle" animaton which will play after the message is fully typed out, or when a pause escape character is used.

On top of that, you can specify an unlimited number of animations per each faceset, and call custom animations in the middle of your messages as well! This allows your messages to be much more dynamic and gives greater control over how your cutscenes play out!

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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Busts support would be really amazing! It's the only thing that's really missing from this great plugin. Also, for the idle animation - it would look a lot better if we could chose to have a delay between animations. (Would make blinking more realistic and less flashy)

Busts are hopefully on the way soon! I've just been busy with work, but hopefully I can find some time to get around to creating this feature sooner rather than later. :)

I thought about this, however I felt it'd be more tedious than necessary ^^; to simplify the process I kept it as it is now, it is possible to pad out the blink animation with more frames with eyes open.

Regardless thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely take it all into consideration! ^^ I will definitely be thinking of ways to make blinking more realistic as well!

This is very cool! Does it work with Galv's Message Busts?


Bust support will be added when I get the chance, it seems to be a largely requested feature. ^^

Hi, I love the functionality of this plugin! Will there be a future version that can use other sizes of images, please? (e.g. a larger bust than the face image)

Maybe in the future, if there's enough interest in it. For right now though It's not planned.

Wow, Chaucer! It's quite been a while, how are you doing recently?

This plugin is very useful, thank you!

Yeah, I've been busy working on commissions, ^^; I'm trying to get back to more public plugins though. I've honestly been extremely stressed out.. But it'll be fine. Thanks for asking, and I hope your doing well also.

Thanks for the kind words! I hope you find use for this plugin. :)